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Increase Your Profit Immediately!

It's been said that every enterprise, from the neighborhood shop to
the global automobile manufacturer, shares three components that
are vital to success:
A motivated, committed owner, a quality product and an effective
business network. This is a valid formula for every business venture
and as simple as it may sound, it is often overlooked.

In our plan, the motivated, committed owner is you.You have access
to an extraordinary array of quality products through
which at the same time can equip you with one of the most effective
and comprehensive business networks in the marketplace today.

When you join our network, we offer:

1-One month free startup advertising with
2-Introduction to over 100,000 contacts
3-Introduction to over 2000 active business accounts
4-Weekly promotional offers from/to all trade accounts
5-Referral fee for any business you introduce to the network
6-Monthly online business presentation to introduce your business
to other members and visitors as a future expansion plan
7-Low rate air-time for online TV/Radio station as a future expansion
plan and much more...

Join a Team of Business Leaders

With technology racing at the speed of light, buyouts and mergers
occurring daily and firm after firm announcing layoffs, the future
seems uncertain at best. Some companies will prosper of course,
but many won't and thousands will be looking for work and anxious
about their futures, you can guarantee your future with our network
with affordable rates as follows:

-Free Basic Membership to receive our weekly trade info
-Gold Membership to trade on our network with low rates
including $250 one time setup fee
and just $15/Month membership fee
-We charge %2 of the trades take place through our network

Time and again it has been shown that ordinary people can do
extraordinary things given the right incentives and information.
That's the perfect description of the resources available to you
today: extraordinary incentives and superior information.
with team support provided all along the way by Artatek, there
has never been a better time or environment than now for you
to succeed.

We don't spend millions of dollars on advertising, like some of
the other household names in e-commerce. And we don't get
some of the press those companies do, instead through a
word-of-mouth, personal referral approach, is
reaching people offline and bringing them to the web.

Could it be because:
We are user-friendly?
We've built a loyal following?
We have lots of happy campers?

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